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The Secret to AthenessEveryone in the room looked at Katiebuy benicar. She felt at the moment, that she was dreaming and was ready to wake up. Wake up, wake up! She screamed in her head. She thought of the little girl in the village she met when she first came to Atheness. ‘You will save our village and our world.’ She had said looking up at Katie with her big brown eyes. She was counting on Katie as were so many people. She couldn’t let them down because she was afraid. Katie looked up at them with a new strength. “I’m ready!”

-Katie (The Secret to Atheness)

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SM Gilson

You don't realize how horrible a sentence you wrote in the past is until you have to reread your rough draft. Editing on Book 2 is under way

by SM Gilson

SM Gilson

Just finished the rough draft of book two of The Secret to Atheness Series. Now on to editing before I send it to my editors.

by SM Gilson

  • "I don’t know what my heart tells me! Can’t you just show me?"

    (The Secret of Atheness)
  • "Stop, I am the real Princess Simona and she is an impostor!"

    Princess Simona
    (The Secret of Atheness)
  • "Some things are better left unexplained until you are really ready to know the answer."

    (The Secret of Atheness)